Rise of the Dragon King Part 1 is the second episode in the Dawn of Darkness story arc. On this episode, Stickman and his pals must track down Ronin before he can deliver the Mask of Shadows to his client in the Underworld.


Stickman (Protagonist)

Jewel (Deuteragonist)

Spyro (Deuteragonist)

Cynder (Deuteragonist)


The Rest of the U.S.F.

Ronin (Main Antagonist)

The "Dragon King" (Main Antagonist) (Will be revealed at the end)


Act I: The Masked Thief Edit

The episode begins right after the events of the previous episode, with Ronin finally finding Makuta's Mask, and claiming his client will be very pleased to hear the news of his latest discovery. After the opening, Stickman receives a message from Spyro and Cynder, who tell Stickman that they'll be visiting, along with Spyro's little cousin, Spry. The message is interrupted by an alarm triggered after Ronin breaks into the HQ and steals the Pencil Sword (Which is... Pretty much useless now)

Act II: Whereabouts of the Client Edit

Stickman tries to catch Ronin, who tries to use a mysterious book to cast a spell on Stickman to prevent him from getting the Pencil Sword, which fails and ends up freezing Ronin instead. Stickman then starts asking questions, and after making a deal with the mercenary, Ronin takes Stickman, Spyro, Cynder, Spry and Jewel to the Underworld, where Stickman can find Ronin's client and stop him!

Act III: Day of the Dragon Edit

Ronin leads Stickman and his pals to the Underworld, but are then captured by the "Dark Master"! Who takes the Mask Of Shadows from Ronin and starts to drain the powers of the heroes -And anti-hero. At last, after seven years, the Dark Master is back from the dead! Malefor has returned!

Trivia Edit

  • Just like in the previous episode, there's a hidden message in the episode, if translated, it says "TRIANGLES! WATCH OUT FOR BILL!".

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