"Time. It never stops. Never tends to fix itself. However, Stickman, I am you. You are on a great journey to discover something big about your world. And I will be there right beside you every step of the way." - Royal Wedding Stickman to Stickman near the end of Time's End.

Royal Wedding Stickman is the Dr. Who of the Stickman Series. He is basically Stickman, but with more time capabilities than Time Stickman (One of Stickman's elemental chaos emerald forms.). He first appeared in Time Changes, then will appear in Time's End (CARLOS THIS IS NOT THE SERIES FINALE. Just wanted to bring back RWS in a much better way than, well, yeah.) R.W.S. wears a tuxedo, and has what he calls a Time Watch. The time watch allows him to see different times, and allows him to activate the time portal in his own sector; The Time Lord's Time Lab. He actually first started to appear 1 year after The Royal Movie happened (Sorry, guys. Making the Celestia x Stickman shipping real. Don't you guys believe in the multiverse theory?) Since he's the earliest version of Stickman, he wields the Pencil Sword. However, unlike its original version (Which is actually the Master Blade, but in its earliest form), This Pencil Sword holds the same powers as the Master Blade. It allows R.W.S. to summon the Art Weapons (Time lord versions of them.) There are some key differences between Stickman and Royal Wedding Stickman. One of them is their clothing. R.W.S. wears a Tuxedo, while Stickman wears a UK hoodie, Green Sunglasses (Vision shades), and the Bling-Bling Necklace.

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