The Shadow Stickman, is one of the Overlord's Shadow creations, he is the evil counterpart of Stickman, and was released from the Dark Dimension in episode "The Light in the Black Night". He cannot be absorbed by Stickman and every attack has a 100% chance of hitting Stickman, however, Stickman has a 100% chance of hurting him too.


In the Dark Lands, right after Stickman had won one of his hardest battles, the Overlord (Makuta) used his Shadow Snake-like creatures to give life to Shadow version of Stickman and the United Stickman Force, Shadow Stickman, along with the "Dark Stickman Force" (as he called it), left the Dark Dimension when Stickman unknowingly fell into a trap led by Zs' Skayr and Clockwerk. 


  • Stickman and Shadow Stickman are seen to be and look the same, with the exception that Stickman is good, and Shadow Stickman is bad.

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