Some attributes
First Famous Penguins Met-All except Stompin' Bob and Petey K
Second Gender-male
Third Date Joined Club Penguin- May 29, 2007
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Admin on the CPW, and Former Star Character of the Stickman Series
Fifth Keyblade(s): Wikia Signature
Sixth Likes: United Stickman Force, Stickman, and his CPW friends

Shurow is a Penguin who is an admin on the Club Penguin Wikia.

Fun FactsEdit

  • He likes burritos.
  • He hates it when people call him 'Shurrow'.
  • He likes bacon.
  • Hey.youcp is his arch enemy. 
  • He likes pizza.
  • He is incredibly dashing and handsome.

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