Star Warriors are legendary heroes of the Cartoon Universe that work in the USF alongside Stickman. They were first mentioned in the first half of Stickman's Adventures, but haven't been mentioned since. However, with a new threat rising, they may just come out of hiding again to help Stickman save the day once more...

Description Edit

Star Warriors are equipped with gear that no mere sword (Not even the Imagination Blade!) can cut. They are also equipped with melee and range weapons that'll help decimate a foe, even from close up or afar. They also used to have the original Stickman Force (The first name of the USF) logo on their armor, but since the SF has changed to the USF, it now has the current logo on their armor. Since the learning of Team Attacks (More on that in the Team Attacks section!), Star Warriors, while outside of the series, have been learning new Team Attacks to use only when they have their Star Warrior gear equipped. There are currently 8 Star Warriors (Including Stickman, since he leads the Star Warriors.), and only 6 were mentioned during Stickman's Adventures. The 2 Star Warriors that weren't mentioned are: Skye, and Patch.

Current Star Warriors Edit

Stickman (Leader of the elite USF Team)


Skye (Wasn't mentioned during Stickman's Adventures)

Patch (Also wasn't mentioned during Stickman's Adventures)




DJ Cadence

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