Stellar Observatory is a space-like area, and is considered to be the 3rd sector. Stellar Observatory's exterior is only accessible by Stickman and Jewel, unless given special clearance (Just recently) by either of the 2 owners of Stickman's World. Stellar Observatory's location is in the outer orbit of Stickman's World. It expands as new sectors come in, just as the planet expands. It is where the shield emitters are located, providing defense whenever an attack is afoot. There are 3 sections here, which are; Stellar Observatory Station (Accessible to all), Stellar Observatory Asteroid Field (Where most of a upcoming arc in The Secret of Stickman's World will be taking place, and only accessible to Stickman and Jewel unless given special clearance), and the Abandoned Alien Spaceship (Only accessible to Stickman and Jewel as well.). Spotlight is usually seen here, either fixing the shield emitters, or just flying around (She was given special clearance to guard the Stellar Observatory by Stickman.).

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