Stickbot Alpha is one of the main antagonists of Stickman's Amazing Adventures. Stickbot Alpha was created by both Herbert and Herbot 2.0 in Robot Amuck!. He debuts in the same episode. Stickbot Alpha is one of Stickman's lookalikes, the other one being, of course, Royal Wedding Stickman. Stickbot Alpha's design is exactly like Stickman's, only he has a cape (After Robot Amuck), a metal-like body, and instead of Stickman's blue eyes, he has red eyes. Stickbot Alpha also has a sword that's similar to Stickman's Imagination Blade; IMAG.exe Blade, as he calls it. Stickbot Alpha is programmed with all but three of Stickman's powers. The three powers he doesn't have is Stickman's Code-X Suit, Stickman's Phantom S transformation, and Stickman's Imagination Nova move.

Trivia Edit

  • As stated above, Stickbot Alpha is one of Stickman's lookalikes.
  • Stickbot Alpha is based off of the Mascbots from Club Penguin's Halloween Party 2015/10th Anniversary party.
  • Stickbot Alpha was actually built by Herbot 2.0, not by Herbert.
  • Stickbot Alpha has the same clothing and weapons as Stickman. (Except for the Code-X Suit, Phantom S transformation, and the Imagination Nova move.)
  • He is currently one of the 2 main antagonists. The other main antagonist is, of course, Nigel.
  • Stickbot Alpha currently has 2 sectors of his own (as of Robot Amuck!); Stickbot Alpha's Factory, and Stickbot Alpha's Castle, which both are the largest sectors in Stickman's World, beside Futureopolis.

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