When Stickman, the gang, and the villains get stuck in the creepypasta game: Luna Story, its up to Nigel to free them from the outside world. But inside the game, not all as it seems...


Stickman (Star)

The Main Cast (you know them)

The villains (You know them as well)

Nigel (First time he helps out the United Stickman Force to get out of trouble.)


  • This is the first Creepypasta Movie.
  • This is the 4th movie of the movie series. (I am possibly going to continue making more movies for a bit, then going back to Stickman's Adventures 3: The Rio Files.)
  • Not only does this reveal the truth behind Luna Story, but it is the first time that a creepypasta's mystery is revealed.


Scene 1: The Trap (In Progress)

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