When Stickman listens to Dwarfy Hole (A minecraft Parody), He and his friends set out to find this legendary mine which has the next Universal Chaos Emerald. But things turn for the worse when Chrysalis, Nigel, Antasma, and Bowser arrive to take it away! Can Stickman, Dwarfy (Their new friend), and the United Stickman Force protect the Universal Chaos Emerald and return it to the HQ safely? Find out in this all new minecraft movie: Stickman's Adventures: Legend of the Dwarfy Mines!


Stickman (Star)





Dwarfy the Dwarf (A new member of the United Stickman Force.)

Chrysalis (Anatoganist)

Nigel (2nd Anatoganist)

Antasma (3rd Anatoganist)

Bowser (4th Anatoganist)


This is the second Minecraft Movie.

This is connected to a minecraft fan song.

Stickman seems to be obsessed with BlueXephos!

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