A new threat rises from beneath the world of Azaloth. And it's up to the heroes of Azaloth, Stickman and the gang to defeat this new threat known as: Deathwing, who is also known as Makuta.


Stickman (main protagonist) 

Deathwing (Makuta) (Villain of the movie)

The Gang (you know them by now)

Defero (Not evil this time again)


Scene 1: The New Threat

Scene 2: Who is he?

Scene 3: What is he?

Scene 4: Makuta

Scene 5: Return to Azaloth


  • This movie is a rip-off to the Card Jitsu Saga.
  • This movie does NOT feature human stickman and is the first and only time.
  • This is the 2nd movie of the Stickman Series.

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