"Save the Cartoon Universe." -Stickman's Amazing Adventures: The Video Game's Line
Stickman's Amazing Adventures: The Video Game is a game where you can take control of 5 characters (Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Hunter, and your very own Mii (Wii U and 3DS Exclusive!)), and go on crazy adventures in the Cartoon Universe, playing as each of the 5 characters. There are 3 modes in this game; Story Mode, RPG Mode, and Freestyle Mode.

Plot Edit

Set after Hunting the Hunter, Stickman, Jewel, Skye, and Hunter set off on an amazing adventure, meeting up with old friends, new friends, and all of the sorts! Take control of all 4 heroes, plus one of your own! If you own the Wii U or 3DS version, you can make your own Stickman Series hero, and take him/her on a crazy adventure of their own!

Story Mode Edit

Play as all 4 characters, plus your own (Again, Wii U and 3DS exclusive!) as 5 of each sector story missions are set in actual Stickman Series episodes! Go through each sector, explore each world, and stop Nega Stickbot Alpha's nefarious plans from taking over Stickman's World and the Cartoon Universe!

RPG Mode Edit

If you feel in the mood for a Mario & Luigi-like game style, then this is the mode! Play as all 4 characters in a turn-based RPG game style! The RPG Mode is set also in the same story as Story Mode!

Freestyle Mode Edit

In this mode, you can play as all 5 characters (More than 5 if you created more than one Mii), and explore, fight, and even meet up with other characters in the Stickman Series as you explore every single sector you've unlocked during both Story and RPG Mode! Or, if you're feeling more creative, then head over to MyWorld, where you can build your own "Sector" to play around in! You can even place enemies in your own MyWorld file to fight, and eventually bosses! Wherever you go in Freestyle Mode, Let your imagination run wild!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time a Mii joins the action in the Stickman Series.
  • Each character in Story Mode has a different story, while Stickman has the main story for this game.
  • All of the sectors of Stickman's World are in this game, with one being exclusive to this game: MyWorld (Will explain later.)
  • Also, All of the worlds in the Stickman Series are in this game as well.

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