Stickman's Christmas Day is an upcoming music video. It will be released around Christmas Time. It will include all of the United Stickman Force. The ones who will be singing are: Stickman, Jewel, Smg4, Flashwing, and Luigi.

Lyrics (Please, for the love of pete, DO NOT EDIT!):

Stickman: (Spoken) Oh boy! Its time!

(Singing) Its here, its finally here, The Lights, the joy! Oh my aching back!

Jewel: Kids! Wake up! It's christmas time! The Joy, The Fun! Let's go see what santa brought us for christmas time!

Stickman:  I can't wait to see

Jewel: What santa brought for us this year!

Smg4: The Anticipation!

Flashwing: The Fun!

Luigi: The Rush!


All: Its christmas time, We get to spend this day with all our friends, and we don't want this day to end

Stickman: The christmas joy is here!

(Chorus end)

Jewel: We get to settle down, and read some christmas tale!

Stickman: Rudolph?

Jewel: No! The Grinch!

Stickman: After we open, some christmas presents, Then we get to chowdown, on some christmas breakfast!

Jewel: Then we get to sit down and talk about christmas memories!

(Chorus x2, end with all singing with Stickman.)

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