Months after the defeat of the Overlord, Mata Nui restored the balance of both worlds, and Stickman and pals were enjoying a nice vacation, relaxing in the beach, not having to save the day and finally take a break... For Now, but when the most powerful menace ever returns, Stickman must save the day once more. Follow Stickman, Jewel, Carlos, Smg4, Des and the rest of the United Stickman force, as they battle for survival in the Ultimate Battle that could determine the fate of both worlds, were they shall fight in order to complete the mission... Or surviving it, but Stickman is not alone, for he will receive help from an unexpected ally... Find out what happens, in the most exciting chapter of the Stickman Series; Stickman's Legendary Adventures!



Stickman (Protagonist)




Carlos Mtz2

Captain Darkness

Spyro the Dragon

The U.S.F.

Lloyd Garmadon

The Unknown Ally (To be revealed soon!)


The Unknown Villian (Main Antagonist) (To be revealed soon!) 

Makuta (Main Antagonist)


Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000

Herbert P. Bear, Esq. (Herbert Percival Bear Esquire)


Captain Blackout

King S. Hadows (King Steven Hadows)

Queen N. Ightmares (Queen Natasha Ightmares)



Sensei Tusk (Now a master of the elements)

The Stromlings

  • Spider Boss
  • Spider Queen
  • King Death S. 
  • Commander Smasher
  • Stromling Marak-Nai
  • Stromling Army

The Nindroids

  • General Cryptor
  • Commander Hackex
  • Min-Droid
  • Mecha-Nindroids
  • Titandroids
  • Nindroid Army


The Adventure Begins Part 1

The Adventure Begins Part 2

The Scattering of the Power Orbs!

Looking for an element

Return of the Stromlings!

(More as Stickman and pals think up of some more)

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