When Tirek breaks out of the underworld Prison once again, Its up to Stickman and his friends to take down Tirek! But will Stickman learn what it meants to have friendship? Find out in this all new movie that'll leave you on the edge of your seat!


Stickman (Star)



Twilight Sparkle (2nd Star)

Fluttershy (3rd Star)

Applejack (4th Star)

Pinkie Pie (5th Star)

Rarity (6th Star)

Rainbow Dash (7th Star)

Tirek (Antagonist of the movie)


This is the showdown that'll make your eyes pop out of they're sockets (Not litteraly) during the showdown scene. Its that awesome.

SPOILER: Stickman gets a new castle, and finally gets his new Alicorn form. The alicorn form is his black fur, his mane looks like Rainbow Dash's, only its black, His ultimate blade is on his back in a special sheathe, He has Rainbow Shades, He has a rainbow crown (Showing that he's the king of joy), And he still speaks the same. He can still transform into his normal form and his spix macaw form.

ANOTHER SPOILER: The end song is really heartwarming. You need to hear it in order to know what i'm talking about.

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