Stickman's World is the actual world that Stickman owns. He's the mayor of Futureopolis and Haunted Port.

Sectors Edit

  • U.S.F. Base- Where the U.S.F. resides now.
  • Futureopolis- The City of Tomorrow!
  • Stellar Observatory- A beautiful sight to see, since its out in outer space! (Anyone can actually access the Stellar Observatory part. Only Stickman and Jewel can enter the vacuums of Stickman's World's space.)
  • Elemental Chaos Emerald Mine- Where Stickman can gather Elemental Chaos Ore.
  • Spark Nights- The Casino City!
  • Dead Done Dunes- The Desert area.
  • Haunted Port- The haunted city.
  • Mysterious Mansion- The Mysterious-est mansion
  • Merry Walrus's Winter Wonderland- The Snow City!
  • Underwater Tracks- The Underwater City
  • Hot Spot Fot- The Fire area.
  • Blue Macaw Forest- Where the Blue Macaw Clan resides.
  • History Wist- Where Stickman's Journals that he writes on all his adventures resides.
  • Stickimon Reigon -Stickman's World's new Pokemon Reigon.
  • Wing Port 87- The Ancient Wind City.
  • Ancient Toy Land- Where all the fun happens!
  • Unknown Parts- A new sector gets discovered here each time Stickman and Jewel venture into this sector. This is also where most of The Secret of Stickman's World: The Lost Biography saga takes place.
  • Master's Peak- Stickman unlocks this after he gains Ancient Toy Land's world gem. This is where Stickman gets a upgrade to his shield: The Master Eraser Shield. This is also where Stickman and Jewel's Mentor; Sticksei, lives.
  • Freddy's City- This one is based off of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise!
  • Haunted School- Debuting from the pilot sagas, The Haunted School makes a return as a new sector in Stickman's New Adventures. Stickman and Jewel venture here once more (and more frequently after School of Hard Knocks) to get a world gem.
  • Time Lord's Time Lab- Where Royal Wedding Stickman is, and the time sector.
  • Relaxer's Paradise- The Tropical Sector
  • Area Sticky 1
  • Church of Horror
  • Seal Point (Debuting in Season 4 of Stickman's Amazing Adventures)
  • Morphed Mind
  • Music City
  • Vampire Moon (Also debuting in Season 4 of Stickman's Amazing Adventures)

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