When the legendary hero and his empire takes up a job for the fa"Mouse" reporter; Geronimo Stilton, its up to Stickman, his empire, The Stilton Family, and others to take down The Daily Rat, Professor Pester, and Antasma in this all new series; Stickman: Ace Reporter of New Mouse City!


Stickman (Star) (Marcus)

Geronimo Stilton (2nd Star, new to the Stickman Empire as the reporter Shurow)

The Stickman Empire

The Stilton Family

Thea Stilton (3rd Star Dogkid)

Sally Ratmousen (Leader of The Daily Rat, 1st Anatoganist)

Antasma (2nd Anatagonist)

Professor Pester (3rd Anatagonist)

Brick playswell


This is the true new 2nd series after Stickman: Vacation on Pinata Island.

This is the first series to feature the world of Geronimo Stilton, and its not a episode.


Reserved for The Reporter of New Mouse City

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