NON-CANON: EVERYTHING HERE IS NOT PART OF THE TIMELINE, SO EVERYTHING HERE IS FROM ALTERNATE DIMENSION. When Stickman marries the 10th and final wife, Its up to Stickman and his 10 wives (With the help of SMG4 of course.) to travel alone to Prophecy temple hidden deep in the drawing forest of Stickopolis. But can they get there safely? Or will troubles await them? Find out in Stickman: The Prophecy Comes True!


Stickman (Star)






DJ Cadence



Kaos (Anatagonist of the movie)

The MovieEdit

The movie takes place after Stickman: The Final Wedding. It starts out with Stickman in his HQ. The empire then recieves word of the prophecy temple, where the full prophecy must be fullfilled. He then gets his 10 wives and heads for the Prophecy temple. But not before being stopped by Smg4. "I want to go with you, Stickman. It may get dangerous." says Smg4. "I might need your help at some point. So ok." Says Stickman. So the 12 heroes set out for the Drawing Forest. They have to stop by the Pencil Sword Temple. Stickman talks with Grandmaster Sticksei, and he says that Kaos is also after the Prophecy Temple. Stickman then thinks for a second, and then comes up with a good idea on how to get there unoticed. Little do they know whats going to happen for them...

The Drawing ForestEdit

Coming Soon!

The Trials of the HeroEdit

Coming Soon!

The DiscoveryEdit

Coming Soon!

The Fight for the LightEdit

Coming Soon!

The Prophecy fullfilledEdit

Coming Soon!


This is not only the first time that stickman goes with his 10 wives, but is accompanined by Smg4 for the 2nd time.

The prophecy says: 'When the Legendary hero unites with the legendary 10 wives, which are; A bird (Jewel), a pony princess (Celestia), 2 dragons (Flashwing and Cynder), a dancing dj penguin (DJ Cadence), A extinct bird (Zon), 2 Eagles (Amelia and Eagless from Runescape), a boo who's royalty knows no bounds (Lady Bow), and a Sphinx (Scratch), the legendary hero will unlock his full potential and defeat the evil once and for all.'

This is the final time that stickman will be wives with the 10. However, they will be moved down to the sidekick status at least.

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