When Stickman returns to his duties 15 years after the events of Stickman: Homeward Bound and the whole Stickman Series, its up to an older stickman, and his old empire to stop the forces of evil once again! But will stickman sacrifice himself to save himself, his home, and all of the cartoon universe to defeat this new evil? Find out in the Next Series in the Stickman Series; Stickman: The Warrior's Return!


Stickman (Star, 15 years older now)






Geronimo Stilton


This  Isn't the final series.

This is set after 15 years of the whole series.

The only differance of this series is that Stickman has a cape. He has become the king of Stickopolis, his home.

It is also revealed, that Makuta got frozen and sent to the Spatial Wastelands.

Carlos is the Main Leader of the Nexus Team now.

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