This article is about the teathrical movie version of Stickman, for information about the Stickman from the original series see Stickman. "My Destiny was not written, I wrote it"

"I will never give up! I will fight until the very end, and if the day comes when the villians win, I will alwaus be there, to avenge the fallen heroes who fought for us"
Some attributes
First Created by the ancient Toa using the eternal light ink.
Second Brother of Baron Typhonus and Jewel.
Third The only Stickman left in the universe.
Other attributes

Stickman is the main protagonist of the movie Stickman's Adventures (Movie), he is a boy who wants to discover what happened to the rest of his kind, but must face the evil forces of the Shadow Gang, the Mercenaries, and the Dark Legacy itself.


Although he claims to be a hero, his attitude tell he is more of a mercenary.

He has almost the same background story as Stickman, but this version of him is shown to be more arrogant, yet more powerful than the original version.

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