"Alright everyone, we came too far, I don't wanna be the one who lost at the end, and I'm sure you don't want to either, because if I lose, I KILL YOU ALL!" -Stickman.   
Stickman (Ohkamaverse)
"Shut up already! I can't hear myself thinking!"-Stickman
Some attributes
First Likes- Nothing
Second Dislikes- Everything!
Third Weapons- Ultimate Sable (Main), Marker Knife, Paintbrush Staff, Dark Bow, Sticky Shooter, Iron Punisher, Power Gem, Proto-Smashers, Doodle Arm (Ultimate power weapon Stickman has used to destroy the spirits of his victims), Villain's Edge (New Keyblade), Phantom Z Keyblade
Other attributes
Fourth Lives- His castle
Fifth Kind-Shadow Conduit (Can turn into anything he wants by just thinking about it.)
Sixth Occupations- Destroyer of worlds, pro-Assasin, thief.

Stickman (Ohkamaverse) is an alternate version of Stickman.


An alternate version of Stickman, this Stickman is known for his cruelty, brutal fighting, and not showing mercy, he is known to decapitate his victims and kill the homeless, burn down villages and take artifacts, and kill his friends.


  • Stickman has many forms, but the most common one he uses is the Flame form.
  • This Stickman is more powerful than the one in the Nexusverse due to his influence with the Imagination and Maelstrom links.

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