Its been a year since Defero was defeated in the "case", Now, Defero wakes up, lost in the DarkSea, where a titan attacks his Mind... Defero is not alive... Yet he cannot join with the "Light Core of the Nexus" because he swore loyalty to Makuta, and then... Makuta uses Defero's body... Upgrades it... And has one mission... Hunt down Stickman... Meanwhile, Mata Nui, the God, awards Stickman for his Honor, Valor and Loyalty... and the celebration starts... But as soon as it starts... The Lord of Darkness returns and makes an army of Undead Dragons... and the Final Battle... will begin, Will Stickman, the Hero, Des, the Heroine, Carlos, the Mythran, Sly, the Thief, Mario and Luigi, the bros and for the first time ever... Baron Typhonus and his Maelstrom Army defeat the Lord of Darkness and save the universe? Find out in the EPIC CONCLUSION! The LAST STAND... The Last fight... Find out, in Stickman Adventures: Makuta Rising.

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