What do you get when a horror king and a legendary hero cross paths? You get a epic fight between Stickman and Jason Voorhees himself! Yes, the machete-wielding horror king has crossed paths into Stickman's World, and Stickman must travel alone to the newest sector: Jason's Forest! It isn't going to be easy, however! With Jason's ability to teleport everywhere, and anywhere, Stickman must be really careful while getting to the horror king himself, and also must not use his Eternal Ink God Powers! (Yes thats a thing. Thats how he keeps on surviving devestating blasts like the ion cannon blast back from The Ultimate Showdown, and also how he keeps on surviving attacks from his enemies as well.) Friday the 13th fans and Stickman Series fans beware, this'll make you wanna grab some popcorn and wait until the big fight! Grab your hockey masks and your Master Blades fans, this'll be one wild ride! (This is the first episode of the 2nd story arc i'm going to be working on. This story arc is called Jason's Wraith.)

Cast Edit

Stickman (Star)

Jewel (She does indeed appear, and has speaking roles, but doesn't appear physically.)

Jason Voorhees (Antagonist)

Vanoss (Yes, he does appear.)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode in The Secret of Stickman's World not to have Jewel appear, but have speaking roles. This also marks the return of Vanoss.
  • This is the first episode of the Jason's Wrath Story Arc, and will be one of the 2 main ones of The Secret of Stickman's World. The other one is Dawn of Darkness, created by Carlos Mtz2, one of the editors.
  • It is revealed Jason can indeed talk, but has trouble due to his fused hockey mask.
  • Jason will be the new main antagonist for right now in the Stickman Series.
  • Jason's Machete is the boss fighter item for the Boss Refighter area in the U.S.F. Base, However, he doesn't die.
  • This, Jason's Wrath, Jason's Forest, And Jason Voorhees himself is based off of the Friday the 13th horror series, and also was inspired from Mortal Kombat X.
  • Unlike the Friday the 13th films, This does not have any blood in it, nor will the Jason's Wrath story arc have any blood in it.

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