When the USF is called upon to take care of a strange disturbance in a cartoon world they have not yet explored, they could not be prepared for what they were in for in this adventure! Follow Stickman, Jewel, Skye, and Patch as they fight to save a town from a creepy blue hair smiling demon! But in order to take this demon down, they must get help from an old member...

Cast Edit

Stickman (Protagonist)

Jewel (Protagonist)

Skye (Protagonist)

Patch (Protagonist)

The Blue Hair Demon (Antagonist)

The old member... (You may know HER name, if you were here during the events of Stickman's Adventures...)

Trivia Edit

  • This is actually the first time Anime has been introduced to the series, and probably won't be the last with the return of this blue hair demon. We'll see.
  • This old member was once a part of the Stickman Force. Can you guess who she is?
  • All of the main characters actually fight the blue hair smile demon. Author's Note: I wanted all 4 to fight this demon so they didn't feel left out on the fights. Yes, even though Stickman and Jewel usually fight the bad guys, Skye and Patch usually don't join the fight, and are down below helping the others. So, I decided to put these 2 in the ring to help Stickman and Jewel out.
  • This was actually inspired from a creepy anime video, where 20 seconds in the audio becomes distorted and a creepy blue haired man smiles creepily in front of the camera while some weird and crap-your-pants-level stuff happens in the background. This episode wasn't meant to be scary, it was supposed to follow the usual action-adventure genre for each episode.

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