When Stickman hears of a superhero wearing only his underpants, he, Jewel, and Skye go to investigate. When they arrive at the town where this waistband warrior resides, The 3 are in for an amazing adventure with Captain Underpants as they fight to save the town from not only Professor Poopypants, but Nega Stickbot Alpha as well! Will the 4 be able to save the day? Find out in Captain Underpants's debut in the Stickman Series!

Cast Edit

  • Stickman (Star)
  • Jewel (Star)
  • Skye (Star)
  • Captain Underpants (Star)
  • George
  • Harold
  • Professor Poopypants (Antagonist)
  • Nega Stickbot Alpha (Antagonist)

Trivia Edit

  • As of this episode, Captain Underpants is a part of the USF, but he is the only member where he operates from his town. He will come on missions at times, but this isn't the last time Captain Underpants will be seen.
  • As the episode goes on, Jewel and Skye come to like Captain Underpants, even though he's dumb.
  • Captain Underpants also gets his OWN keyblade: The Underpanting Edge!

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