Some attributes
First Likes- Stickman, The United Stickman Force, The EoE, Rarifruit, Rarity
Second Dislikes- Anyone who goes into her garden, Queen Blackhole, The other Villains
Third Living- Equinox Version of Carousel Boutique, Stickman HQ
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons- Her Petrifying Stare, Her Snake Hair

Stone is the Equinox counterpart of Rarity. She has the power to turn ponies (And people) into stone. When Stickman came into the Equinox Village, She was at her house. She saw Stickman, and realized that he was an intruder. So she proceeded to go over to Stickman to turn him into stone. When Stickman quickly explained to Stone that he is a good guy, She, like the other Equinox Six, snapped back to reality and realized what she had done, as well as realized what was going on. She now fights with Stickman, turning enemies into stone. She likes to make dresses with Rarity and Rarifruit, however, She can get a bit... tense at times.