Survive the Night is one of the original Music Videos inspired by Mandopony. It is set in Haunted Port, as Stickman, Jewel, and Luigi are exploring it. Stickman is the only singer.

Lyrics (Do not edit!) (Music Video Version) Edit


Its time to put it up, don't just shut up, just speak up!

Its time to fight this fight, can't just sit around and talk.

How can we do this all, get through it all?

All we gotta do is


Survive the Night! We can't just fight the fight, nor be the light, Is there a fight to be fought? I don't just sit and think, I do what I can.

Survive the Night! My skills are like a B to Blow, can't just hang it low, Seeing off the port bow, It ain't going to be easy!

We're just Surviving the Night!

(Chorus end)

Can't you just let it go? Can't just this thing just blow all over? When is it going to end? How can you see the pain?

This thing ain't going down, now is the time to attack, Time to bring it to a close! Time to end it all!

We must do all we can, Fight the best that we can, We ain't going down without a fight.

(Chorus x2)

We just survive the night!

(End of music video version)

Lyrics (Do not edit as well!) (Extended Version) Edit

Coming soon!

Trivia Edit

  • Although Luigi and Jewel are in this music video, they have speaking roles, but do not sing with Stickman, marking this the first time Jewel hasn't sung with her brother.
  • This is an original song composed and sung by the creator himself.

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