Team Attacks are powerful attacks performed by all the people of the USF. The most famous one is All Together, which has 3 different versions. All of the Team Attacks require Stickman in order to perform.

The Attacks (2 people) Edit

Stickman and Jewel- All Together

Stickman and Skye - Helicopter Barrage

Stickman and Hunter- Seal Roll

Stickman and Flashwing - Crystal Shatter

Stickman and Viper - Snake Whip

Stickman and Everest - Snow Barrage/Cold to the Touch (New since Everest Rescue)

Stickman and The Lich King (World of Warcraft Lich King) - Neverending Winter

Stickman and Deathwing - Cataclsymic Slam

Stickman and Stella - Skunk RPG

Stickman and Blu - Call of the Wild

Stickman and Gary - Robotic Build-up


The Attacks (Fan-added section) Edit

(This section is reserved for fans!)

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