Stickman unleashes chaos on Makuta-Nui's kingdom, where he is now the target of... Everyone! Now Stickman must go back to his former HQ- Now Makuta's fortress- To find the Omega Stones and make the most heroic sacrifice any hero can do... Whatever the enemy, whatever the odds, Stickman will rise and fall like a hero. And he will save both universes. This is the beginning... of the end...


Stickman (Protagonist)

Tren Krom

Makuta-Nui (Antagonist)



Maelstrom Infected Jewel (Major antagonist)

Major EventsEdit

  • Stickman uses the Omega Stones and his own remaining life force (The Eternal Ink was consumed when the Nexusverse was destroyed, thus limiting Stickman's life) to travel back in time, to the beginning of his adventures, to stop Makuta from awakening.
  • Stickman dies in the episode, but he saves the life of millions and millions of beings.
  • Makuta-Nui is destroyed, and the Mask of Shadows is separated from it's Ohkamaverse counterpart: The Mask of Ultimate Power. Makuta is now put in an endless sleep, where he won't cause anymore trouble... for now.
  • The episode ends with the Jungle King taking off his mask and putting on the Mask of Creation and Mask of Destruction.

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