When Stickman learns about the Equinox stone and a new threat that could corrupt Equestria, Stickman and his friends must venture to the world of Equinox, where horror awaits them true...


Stickman (Star)



The rest of the U.S.F.

Dimmed Star (Twilight's Equinox counterpart)

Rottenbunch (Applejack's Equinox Counterpart)

Stone (Rarity's Equinox Counterpart)

Dull Sloth (Rainbow Dash's Equinox Counterpart)

Spiderlock (Fluttershy's Equinox Counterpart)

Zalgy Cake (Pinkie Pie's Equinox Counterpart)

Queen Blackhole (Princess Celestia's Equinox Counterpart) (Antagonist of the saga)


  • Although they may seem harming, the Equinox Ponies (I'm talking about the ones above Queen Blackhole) decide to team up with Stickman after getting to know him more.
  • Out of all the Equinox 6 (Thats what i'm calling them now), Spiderlock is the only one that doesn't seem to harm stickman when she first meets him.
  • Each one of the counterparts (Mane Six, Elements of Insanity, and the Equinox 6) meet eachother after Stickman learns about the evil plan of Queen Blackhole.

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