When Stickman imbudes the flame of Facing your Fears, its time to finally forge the blade that all the villains sought for this whole time: The Ultimate Blade. Stickman then decides to do the final trial. Can our hero pass the final trial and retrive the Ultimate Blade? Find out in The Final Trial!





The rest of the 10 wives (I'm not putting in the rest. Just because.)

Grandmaster Sticksei (Only appears in the flame of Heroic Skills near the end to speak to Stickman about the Ultimate Blade's abilities.)


This is not the final episode of the series, but it is the second-to-last episode of the Weapons of Akcraz story arc (A.K.A. Saga.)

This marks the first and only time the history of the Pencil Sword is revealed, as well as the secret of the pencil sword is revealed.

This is the 5th time no villain is appearing. However, a cardboard Stishoe and Metal Makuta (not real) appear, part of his trial.

It is revealed that Stickman fails the test, but the Grand Sticksensei senses something in him: Honor, Courage, and Loyalty, and gives him the Ultimate Blade.

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