The Great Extinction (Previously going to be called, A Shadow Universe) is an episode in the Stickman's New Adventures Series.  It is said to be "the Darkest Chapter in the Chronicles of the Legenary Hero".


Protagonists Stickman











Makuta Teridax (Main Antagonist)

Makuta Icarax

Makuta Miserix

Makuta Antroz

Makuta Chirox

Makuta Vamprah



The Cartoon Universe in Ultimate Danger! With MAKUTA TERIDAX and STICKMAN once again, fighting, in their endless fight, between good and evil, MAKUTA manages to succeed with his plan that could determine the fate of both Universes! Meanwhile, in the Skylands, a Dark Creature, known as THUNDERWING attacks the Magic and Undead Realms, and to make things even worse, Planet Crux is being attacked by a wave of Spiderlings, led by a new kind of Spider boss: The Spider Suprema!  STICKMAN must unite forces with his greatest friends... and his rival, STISHOE, if there are any chances of accomplishing the mission... or surviving it.... Will STICKMAN save the two universes before it is too late? Find out in "The Great Extinction".


  • It has been comfirmed that Stickman will gain a new ally, and lose an old friend.
  • It is unknown if Makuta will actually succeed, due to the fact that this is the "Darkest Hour" of the entire saga.
  • Makuta is said to have a new look in the episode.
  • It has been comfirmed that Defero will join Stickman's side for two entire seasons.
  • Unlike most episodes, the names of the characters are capitalized.
  • It has been comfirmed that sometime between the new series and the current series, Blu marries Jewel, Spyro married Cynder, Bash married Flashwing, Benny married Unikitty, and Stickman married Brooke. This is proven true due to the fact that the previously mentioned characters are seen holding the hand of their married husband/wife, and due to the fact that they are seen wearing an engagement ring.

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