It's Stickman's annual holiday feast! But when Stickbot Alpha breaks the "No Villainy on holidays" treaty, The villains must team up with Stickman for a epic holiday battle against Stickbot Alpha and his minions! Can Stickman defeat Stickbot Alpha and save the holidays? Find out in 2015's christmas special: The Holiday Burglar!

Cast Edit

(Literally just about everyone. Past and present enemies (Excluding Stickbot Alpha, since he's the antagonist), and past and present allies. (Yes, that includes Petrie at last.))

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode in Stickman's Amazing Adventures to have the largest cast list (Even though it doesn't show it in the cast list.) to date, surpassing Stickman's New Adventures's Party of Friends.
  • All of Stickman's past and present friends and enemies (Excluding Stickbot Alpha) join Stickman for a great feast.
  • The "No Villainy on Holidays" treaty was established 3 years ago to have a truce between the heroes and the villains.
  • This chronologically takes place after the upcoming episode: Crazy Drive (Which is going to be showing the origins of Stickman's Drive Forms.)

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