The Jungle King
"Excellent... One more to my... our... collection... collection..."
Some attributes
First Leader of the Wild Beasts
Second Creator of the Jungle Keyblade (One of the strongest Keyblades ever created)
Third Mask maker from the island of Metru-Nui
Other attributes

"I... We... are... are... the Jungle Lord... Lord..."

The Jungle Lord is the Leader of the Wild Beasts of the Jungle-X, and is apparently a close friend to Stickman, but he was vanished for his "rebel" attitude (According to his secret room).


An exiled mythran who used his Nexus Spark to create his own world resulted in the creation of three worlds, and gave the Mythran split-personality, The Jungle Lord is a powerful conduit of Ice and Wind. He has a sword that once belonged to a member of the original Nexus Force and also has a Keyblade.

His "Dark, twisted side" is much more darker, and is known for his cruelty, and his way of psychologically torturing his victims. This side is a big threat to Stickman, because he knows Stickman's secret...


  • He shares many traits with Carlos
    • He is obsessed with trophies.
    • They both have two or more personalities.
      • He also shares these traits with Peno.
  • Despite him being the ruler of a jungle, his dominant element is Ice.

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