After hearing that Bricksburg is in trouble, he finds out that the last of the mythrans, and his former friend Carlos Mtz2 gained control of half the LEGO Universe... But with his new and deadly weapon, can Stickman and the others save the universe, one brick at a time? Find out in: The LEGO Saga


United Stickman Force & Friends.

Stickman (protagonist)

Emmet (secondary protagonist)

Max (secondary protagonist)

Blu (Third Protagonist)

Jewel (Third Protagonist)



Ghost Vitruvius

Mata Nui 

Toa Tahu (cameo)

The Masterbuilders

Finn (the only Human in this saga)

President Business 


Benny (a.k.a. 1980-something space guy)

The Green Ninja/Lloyd Garmadon

The Dark Legacy & other Villians

Carlos Mtz2 (main antagonist)

Digital Overlord (main antagonist) (first time there are three main antagonists in a series)

Stishoe (secondary antagonist)

Defero (secondary antagonist)



General Cryptor

Commander Malvad. O. (full name Malvad Ojo)


  • The series was going to be called The LEGO Movie Saga but was changed due to the series being based on the LEGO universe rather than the LEGO Movie's places and characters.
  • While Makuta does not appear in the series, he appears as the Overlord virus/Digital Overlord
  • Commander Malvad. O.'s name may be a reference to the word "malvado", which is spanish for "evil".
  • It is unknown how the stromlings survived the Ultimate Battle for LEGO Universe.
    • However, since Makuta's fossilised blood forms the substance called "Maelstrom", Makuta may have made a new stromling army.

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