When the legendary Shadow Ship is found, Stickman and the heroes discover a secret, but a new villain emerges, an elite soldier of the defeated Makuta, who was the strongest and most powerful of his troops, Captain Darkness! But after Captain Darkness emerges from the shadows of the Legendary Shadow Ship and opens the Shadow Chest, that was made to cover the Universe in the blackest of Shadows, its up to our hero and his friends to save the day! Can Stickman and his friends defeat Captain Darkness, the captain of the nutorious Shadow Gang, or will the Cartoon Universe belong to the Shadow Gang? Find out in this all new saga that'll leave you hanging on the edge of your seat every episode; The Shadow Ship Saga!


Stickman (Star)


Carlos (No longer a villian)

The Rest of the U.S.F.

Captain Darkness (Anatagonist of the saga.)

Makuta (Briefly appears in first episode, giving orders to Captain Darkness)


This takes place after The Quest for the Equinox Stone saga.

This is the first and only time a villain quickly takes over the Cartoon Universe as soon as the villain's discovered.

The U.S.F. teams with the E.P.F. and the Nexus Force once more through the saga to take down Captain Darkness and find Makuta, but only Stickman can take down Captain Darkness due to him having the Ultimate Blade.

As seen in the trailer, Makuta has a new voice actor, but it is currently unknown who it is.

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