LEGO® Bionicle 2015 - The Legend01:46

LEGO® Bionicle 2015 - The Legend

The Legend of the two brothers, and the tale of how jealousy can consume the soul.

Stickman and pals go to the library at Nexus City, where they learn about the Multiverse, and the many places in the many universes, and specially, the mysterious Island of Okoto. Turaga Vakama, the wise Elder, tells the story of two brothers, Ekimu and Makuta, and how they were the powerful mask makers.

The LegendEdit

A long time ago, onn the beautiful island of Okoto, the Protectors lived in a time of peace under the rule of two Mask Makers, Makuta and his brother Ekimu, who created Masks of Power for the people of Okoto. The brothers themselves wore special masks: Makuta used the Mask of Control, while Ekimu used the Mask of Creation. Eventually, the great craftsmanship and renown of Ekimu caused Makuta to become jealous, and he disobeyed the sacred laws to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power. As soon as Makuta donned the mask, he was consumed by its power, and the island started to break apart. Realizing this, Ekimu attacked Makuta, knocking the mask from Makuta's face. This caused a shockwave, which cast both brothers into an endless slumber. The three powerful masks were scattered across the island, waiting for the time when they could be found again.


  • This is the beginning of one of the last few story arcs, the Okoto arc.
    • In 2015, the series will have a "soft" reboot.
  • The legend is detailing the events that occurred prior to the Okotoverse/BIONICLE 2015 story arc.

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