When an enemy from the past rises up, it's up to Stickman and his pals to stop the evil Skull Spiders! But this time, it have evolved, and has destroyed Stickman HQ! Stickman is not strong enough to stop them all, which means it's time for the countdown for the Final Battle to begin! 

New enemies, new heroes, and old enemies and heroes as well return and appear in this exiting new episode that will mark the beginning of a whole new age in the Stickman Saga!


Stickman Force

Stickman (Protagonist)







Mata Nui


The Skull Spiders

Jungle Spider

Stone Spider

Water Spider

Land Spider

Ice Spider

Fire Spider

Electric Spider

Techno Spider

Creation Spider

Destruction Spider

Lord of the Skull Spiders (Main Antagonist)


  • The Skull spiders are the strongest enemy Stickman has ever faced, even stronger than enemies like Makuta, Captain Darkness, Shuto, Stishoe and Defero.
    • Every Skull spider has a different element/power, and together, they have the same power/elements Stickman has, which may explain why they are more powerful.
  • The Stickman HQ is destroyed by the Skull Spiders in the episode.
  • Despite Makuta being the one who created the skull Spiders when the Universe was created, Makuta is not present in any way or form in this episode.
  • Stickman has a son, called Stick Jr., as seen on the episode.

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