Stickman, Jewel, and Skye finally go to London as they are called upon to check up on the famous 101 Dalmatians! But when Cruella De Ville teams up with Nega Stickbot Alpha, Stickman will stop at nothing to protect the famous 101 Dalmatians! With a new addition to the USF, Will one new member change everything? Find out in The London Caper!

Cast Edit

  • Stickman (Of course, the Star.)
  • Jewel
  • Skye
  • Patch (The new addition.)
  • Smg4
  • Cruella De Ville (Antagonist)
  • Nega Stickbot Alpha (Also the antagonist.)

Trivia Edit

  • As of this episode, the theme song for Season 8: The Mystery of the Skylander Academy, which is We're Gonna Save The World Today, takes on a techno-like remix. Pretty cool if you ask me!
  • Patch has potential for unlocking a Keyblade. He also becomes part of the main 8 as of this episode.

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