When Stickman and friends find out that there is an alternate Stickman and friends in the Ohkamaverse, the heroes travel to the center of the Nexusverse (The Universe where the Cartoon Universe and other universes are) and open a portal to the Ohkamaverse. But when they discover that the Ohkamaverse is being ruled by an evil version of Stickman and the U.S.F., it is up to Stickman and pals to defeat... Uh... themselves?



Stickman (Nexusverse)

Jewel (Nexusverse)

Des (Nexusverse)

Smg4 (Nexusverse)

Dogkid (Nexusverse)

Carlos (Nexusverse)

Multiverse Beings

Mata Nui/Ekimu (Mentioned)

The Great Beings



Jewel (Ohkamaverse)

Des (Ohkamaverse)


Dogkid (Ohkamaverse)


  • In the Ohkamaverse's version of the Cartoon Universe, villians like Defero, Makuta, Shuto and Peno are heroes forming a group called "The Light of Hope" and "The Brotherhood of Nui", while the Ohkamaverse Stickman and U.S.F. make a group called the "New Masters".
  • At the end of the episode, the Mask of Ultimate Power is seen, probably foreshadowing "The End".

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