When a new threat threatens Stickman and Jewel's home, Stickman must cut his vacation early and save the Amazon Rainforest! But he must first unlock the true power of the Master Clay Busters to save thousands of family members! Can Stickman, with the help of Jewel and Eduardo, unlock the true power of the Master Clay Busters? Find out in The Punch that saved Millions! A special that you will never forget!

Characters Edit

Stickman (Star)

Jewel (Co-Star)

Blu (Co-Star)

Eduardo (Co-Star)

The New Threat (Not any of stickman's past foes.)

Trivia Edit

  • Its shown in this special that Stickman does care for his sister, Jewel, and wont let anything happen to her. Vise Versa for Jewel.
  • This new threat is unlike any other enemies, and must be defeated using the Master Clay Busters.

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