The Royal Rescue is an episode mainly staring Royal Wedding Stickman, Stickman's Time Lord counterpart. This episode reveals R.W.S.'s actual past, how he came to be, and how he knew Stickman.

Summary Edit

When Stickman and Jewel get captured by Jason Voorhees, and all the other agents are out on jobs throughout Stickman's World, it's up to one hero, an alicorn princess, and an espeon to save the day! But can the 3 do it with Nigel also on their tails? Find out in the Royal Rescue!

Cast Edit

Major Edit

Royal Wedding Stickman (Star)

Celestia (2nd Star)

Des the Espeon (3rd Star)

Nigel (Antagonist)

Jason Voorhees (2nd Antagonist)

Minor Edit

Stickman (First background Cameo of the series)

Jewel (Also first background cameo of the series)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Stickman and Jewel have a background cameo rather than having the main starring cast. (It also probably won't be the only time.)
  • Royal Wedding Stickman's past is very interesting, and you have to tune into The Royal Rescue to find out what it really is. Royal Wedding Stickman's past isn't quite like Stickman's... (They are still from the same timeline, though. Fans of the series can stop raging about how "Royal Wedding Stickman is different from Stickman." They're both the same, guys. Lighten up.)
  • Royal Wedding Stickman's sword is very different from the Master Blade (Yet its one of the upgrades of the Pencil Sword.) You'll see why in the episode.

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