When Stickman hears of the Equinox Stone, the search begins, and all the villains are after it! Friendships are formed, Forces will be joined, Alliances will be made. This is one crazy episode you'll never forget!


Stickman (Star)


The Equinox Six

The Elements of Insanity

Mane Six (You know them)

Queen Blackhole (Anatagonist)





  • The Alliances that are going to be formed and helping stickman out are going to stick until after the Equinox Stone is found and destroyed by Stickman himself. The alliances are:
    • The U.S.F. and the Dark Legacy
    • The Equinox Six, Mane Six, and the Elements of Insanity
    • The Changeling Army
  • This is the first time all the villains help Stickman defeat Queen Blackhole (Or at least try to help him get to the throne room, where Queen Blackhole is), and the first time a friendship is made with Stickman and Makuta.
  • Bits and Pieces are known about Queen Blackhole, however, throughout the series, the past is revealed about Queen Blackhole, and how she came to be.

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