Stickman discovers he has his own world! Well, rediscovers. Once he discovers his own world, he's in for it! Get ready for the greatest saga adventure you'll never forget as Stickman and the crew discover the secret of Stickman's World!

Episodes (By each sector) Edit

Season 1: The Beginning Edit

  • U.S.F. Base

The Rediscovery (The Planet that was long forgotten)

Setting up base

The First World Key (Futureopolis bound!)

  • Futureopolis

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Stellar Observatory

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Spark Nights

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Merry Walrus's Winter Wonderland

(List of episodes soon!)

  • History Wist

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Haunted Port

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Mysterious Mansion

The Stickening (Parody of Stephen King's The Shining)

(More episodes soon!)

  • Stickimon Region

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Dead Done Dunes

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Blue Macaw Forest

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Maelstrom War Remains

(List of episodes soon!)

Season 2: Realm Racers Edit

  •  ???

(Revealed and list of episodes soon!)

  • Underwater Tracks

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Music Town

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Hot spot Fot

(List of episodes soon!)

  • Wing Port 87

Ascending into Wing Port 87

(More episodes coming soon!)

  • Pacopolis (Not a sector, however, there are episodes in this area.)

Jewel Possessed!

(More Episodes coming soon!)

Season 3: Reign of the Music Meister Edit

  • Music Meister's Musical Lair

The Music Meister's musical plan

  • Gracie's World

Stickman's New Adventures: Gracie's World

  • New Worlds

Stickman's New Adventures: Tirek Showdown 3- The Final Charge

(More Episodes coming soon!)

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