After reviving the Toa and defeating the Stone Army, Stickman seeks answers regarding the unexpected behavior of his Ultimate Blade. It turns out that the Ultimate Blade is part of him! So, he fuses himself with the Ultimate Blade, giving him the power of the blade. But, the young Stickman will need more than that to defeat the Skull Spiders, who are about to attack the Stickman Force in the jungle! Is Stickman ready for another fight?


Stickman Force





Nigel (Yes, he joins the Stickman force)

Dogkid (Various cameos)

Skull Spiders

Shadow Spider

Land Spider

Electric Spider

Techno Spider

Water Spider

Ice Spider

Fire Spider

Air Spider

Jungle Spider

Destruction Spider

Ultimate Airachnid (Secondary Antagonist of the episode)

Lord of the Skull Spiders (Main Antagonist)


  • This is the final appearence of the Ultimate Blade
  • So far, every new episode of the new saga features at least one new Skull spider, which makes sense, considering there are more than a thousand Skull Spiders.
  • Mata Nui's mask can be seen frozen at the end of the episode, probably foreshadowing the Creator of the Cartoon Universe's return.

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