The Sun balls of Akcraz were made up of Carbon, and energy from the sun. When Nigel gets a hold of them, Its up to Stickman and the U.S.F. To put a stop to Nigel's evil plans to destroy Rio! Can they do it? Find out in The Sun Balls of Akcraz!


Stickman (Star)



The U.S.F. Members (The ones that appear is followed: Phantom R, Drobot, Discord, Twilight, Smg4)

Kirlia/Red's Clefairy (This time, He is Stickman's Main Pokemon Rival)

Nigel (Antagonist of the episode)

Dr. Eggman (Helping Nigel, but later helps out Stickman and the other 2 to their victory.)


This is not only a presentation for my Science Class, but also an very awesome episode.

This is the fourth time Discord appears and has a speaking role.

This is First time that Kirlia appeared in this episode after having more Absence than one.

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