This Is The True Life is sung by Stickman and Jewel as a Duet. It is sung during the Music of Hope movie saga.

Lyrics (Please do NOT edit!) Edit

There is a spark inside us all, Waiting to be set free!

Don't conceal it, Let it free!

This is the true life! (Oh Whoa Oh Oh Oh!) (X2)

Be original, Be creative! Let the whole world know your story! Be who you want to be, Let no one tell you otherwise!

Don't live inside the shadows, C'mon out! C'mon out!

The Music inside us was ment to be set free!

This is The True Life!!! (Oh whoa, oh oh oh oh!) (x3)

Don't hide it, let it out, Let it out! Show 'em what your made of!

Let the Whole world know your story!

Let it out! Let it out! Let the Whole world know your story! (Oh woah, oh oh oh oh!)

This is who we were ment to be! The time is now! Let it free!

(This is the true Life! Oh whoah oh oh oh!) (X2)

This is our true life!

(Epic Drum Solo ending)


Trivia Edit

  • This was one of the best songs of 2014/2015. Other than the new theme song.
  • This is a beautiful song since its sung by the 2 main stars; Stickman, and Jewel.

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