When Stickman, Jewel, Skye, and Chase notice a tear in the time-space stream, they go to investigate. Turns out, it leads them straight to Stickman's first adventure, again! However, one change has been made, and its major... Nigel is helping his past self, and is winning the battle! It's now up to Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Chase, and Royal Wedding Stickman to save Stickman's past!

Cast Edit

(See Stickman's Amazing Adventures page for the cast. The only ones that are not appearing from that list are Blackout, Flashwing, Spotlight, Des, and Dogkid1.)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time Stickman and some members of the U.S.F. venture into the time of The First Love. However, this is the third time it is mentioned. The first time that the U.S.F. venture into the time of The First Love was in Loveward Bound, and the two times The First Love is mentioned is in Letters from the War, and Loveward Bound.
  • This is the first part of the 3 episodes that lead up to the big episode: Stickman VS. Blackout.

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