The United Stickman Force Base is where all of the U.S.F. currently reside. The Stickman HQ is parked near the base for travels between worlds, or to protect the outer space in the Stickman's World Atmosphere. There are currently 4 levels of the U.S.F. Base, and Stickman and Jewel live on the 3rd floor. Most of the action happens in the basement (The "4th" floor), where the World Generator resides. The World Generator is what's keeping Stickman's World in check. If it were to be imbalanced, then all would be lost for the U.S.F.'s current base. The base is protected by a anti-villain shield to keep most villains out. Stickman can bring up how many world gems/realm keys he has in the basement, where, as stated earlier, the World Generator is. Currrently, all of the U.S.F. live here.

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