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  • My occupation is Video game character
  • I am Male
  • RandomName40209

    Hello there... I know apocalypses are too dark for nintendo, but interesting theories, i'm making it a based off of the pokemon post-apocalypse theory:

    • Junuary 1, 2027 - I and scientists are working on next experminent, but however, These are very dangerous for me and scientists. so, I need to work with them.
    • Feburary 12, 2033 - First machine are tested succesfully after the failed tests, thus creating a controversy before the machines were created...
    • June 15, 2033 - real life animals were turned sapient and attacked people with any kind of powers.
    • April 2, 2035 - northern Japan had to be split off from it's southern half, as a nation-wide quarantine is enacted. Anarchy soon spreads through the infected regions. 15% of humans exposed to the d…
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