Attention everyone

Loki told me to do a blog about a peace treaty.

All you will need to do is to sign my treaty and if everyone signed it. There will be a peace forever and we will leave you alone.

But you have few time. You have up to today until Saturday to sign this treat. You only have 48 Hours to sign this treaty and if nobody signed it. Then prepare and surrender now for a new dark era of evil.

As you can see, I am a new member of the Super Villains, and we are growing more. We will recruit more Super Villains. More Doom Drones, More Robots, More Robot Minions (like me), and even other super villains from other type but not Club Penguin only.

We will recruit The Mandarin soon along with Voldermort and many villains more. Even Tusk will join us so if you don't want this to happen. Sign this treaty

So far these people need to sign this treaty are:

So far the people who signed this treaty are

  • Dogkid1
  • Des
  • RandomName. That weird Pokemon
  • Shadowblade360X
  • Template God

Soon the prophecy will be true. In case you don't know. The prophecy is:

"If 15 Demons join together, and join their forces, a new era of darkness will rise with no future..."

So this is a treaty of death (Literally). If you don't sign this prepare for a new era of darkness...

You will need to meet us personally on chat to sign the treaty. You will need to come YOURSELF and PERSONALLY. Not by someone else. Not by a mailman. So now...good luck...

This Robot Minion is leaving now...

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